Sweet Lady Boy


Hi dear friends. This is Ravikumar, and I am happy to see all you friends once again in our site. This time I would like to share once experience with you all, which happened with a lady-boy before two years. Two years before I got transfer to Coimbatore from Chennai. I and my wife shifted our home to vadavalli. I got admission for my kids in one nearest school easily. For the first few days everything went fine, but one Sunday in bed after sex, my wife complained about her excessive of work in home. I suggested arranging one servant to help her in works. She accepted and with a reference to nearby Medical Shop, she arranged a male servant in next few days. He was around 20 years, but in my first look he looked like more young. That was not only because of his talking style but also because of his body type. He looked like a 13 year old girl, I mean his chest, his buttocks curves and his body curves.


He was more plump and with girlish body and he didn’t have mustache also. My wife introduced him as `Chinna swamy’ — shortly Chinnu. He is the last child in his family and because of their poor economical conditions he wants to do some works. He is ready to do any kind of job. And the salary is Rs.1000 per month to his family. For him only food for 3 times and stay with us is enough. I found nothing bad in this agreement so I accepted.  After his arrival really all works went in smooth way. He helped my wife in all works, including washing cloths, cooking, and market works, my kid’s home works and etc. Once I discussed with her, she praised him a lot.  After few month, an incident happened which changed my life in a total way. It was December. One day when I came from office I got totally wet because of heavy rain. That made me sick — fever and cold. Heavy fever made me to take deep bed rest. I took bed rest for nearly one week on that time. During that time, one night suddenly I wanted to drink some water. Because of my body condition, I felt so weak to walk but I managed to go to kitchen. There I saw chinnu sleeping in floor. But the strange thing is he was semi-nude. I saw his lungi is hiked up to his thighs and his left hand is busy in playing with his penis. I hided myself in dark, and with curiosity I saw him clearly. I felt my own penis started to get hard. I saw one more strange thing there. I saw his penis which is very limp. Not that much erect. It looked like a penis of small boy. I never saw such a small penis other then 6 or 7 year old kids. He was shaking his penis with his left hand and he was crushing and pinching his nipples with right hand. I understood he is masturbating. But as I suspected his is not a complete man. I heard about lady-boys and read about them. But for the first time, I am seeing such a person in my life. He pinched his nipples and crushed his breasts, then rubbed his penis, when his other hand is busy with his asshole. I saw him jerking himself and the show ended within next few minutes. I returned to my bed without drinking water. After few minutes I went there again, this time I saw him sleeping. I took some water and returned to bed and slept after masturbation.  >From that day my view about him was changed. Somehow I started to see him as a girl. I made chances to see the glimpse of his thighs and buttocks, sometime his bulgy chest when he is working. When I make sex with my wife, unknowingly I started to think about chinnu and really speaking that made me drive hardly. After our sex session, sometimes my wife started to say that I am becoming faster now a days.  One day, when I came from bathroom, I saw chinnu coming front of me from outside home. Just like an accident I made a soft hit on him and I let my towel down. In that way I showed my wet thighs and manly body even a small glimpse of my penis to him. I didn’t miss the blink in his eyes. I saw a different kind of lust in his eyes. The way he looked me really made me erect and when I retuned to my room, I saw my wife there. I hugged her from behind. She got surprised with my kind of act. I rubbed my penis on her buttocks and started to kiss her on her neck. My hands started to crush her breasts over saree. She turned around and understood my lust. She also returned kisses to me and cupped my penis. But to my very surprise when she started to shagg me, I shoot out immediately.


My wife also got very surprise by seeing this…because I never shoot out that much fast that much early. On that night, I made sex with her for a long time, by thinking about chinnu.  After that I noticed chinnu looking at me many times, when I come out from bath, when I shave, or when I clean my motor cycle showing my thighs. He started to talk to me when alone in general way. When he gives coffee to me he started to touch my hands. Sometimes I felt his hands brushing my body when he crossing me. Once I even saw him sniffing my underwear from bathroom. One Saturday night, my wife and I slept in same bed after our sex. I was totally tired because of two times fucking my wife. She felt asleep because of tiredness. In mid night I felt something or someone touching my thighs. I opened my eyes lightly and saw chinnu there sitting in floor very close to me. He saw me opening my eyes and showed sign like don’t shout. I felt his hand touching my thighs over my lungi. Then he cupped my penis directly over my lungi and softly kissed it. I felt a kind of electric shock in my body. I turned side facing him giving more access to him. He undid the knot of my lungi and pulled it down. He kissed my penis over my underwear and pushed his face on my penis. I felt his tongue softly playing on it. I pulled his head close to my penis and softly pushed on my penis. He pulled my penis out of my underwear and pulled my foreskin softly back. He took the tip of my penis inside his mouth with a passion. I saw a great passion in his eyes. I felt his hot breath touching my abdomen. Slowly he took the entire length of my penis inside him and started to suck me with great love. I combed his head with my fingers softly and encouraged him. I controlled my moans and gasping because it may make my wife awake. He sucked me for few minutes and it was the great blowjob in my life. I started to leak out in next few minutes. After I shootout my cum inside his mouth, he gulped everything and sat there for next few minutes by just kissing my thighs and shrunken penis. I pulled him close to me up. He came close to my face. I smelled my cum on his face. He kissed my nipples and brushed them with his fingers softly. I kissed his forehead and then place a soft kiss on his lips. Then he went out. I slept that night with double impact.  The next day I woke up so late. My wife also wanted to visit to some of her relative’s place. She informed me her plan one week before so without any suspects, she went out around 10 am morning. I spent my time with television and new paper for sometimes and I went to search chinnu. I saw chinnu in kitchen doing cooking. I closed the front door and went to kitchen again. I touched his back from behind. He turned back. I asked him “dear…what are you doing..?” from his face I understood that he wants me to call him dear. “I am cooking…” his voice came out with slow sound. “I want to taste your cooking… ” I smiled and pulled him close and hugged him. His body felt like a women’s body only. The heat, the sensation and the vibration everything were just like a women. I turned his face towards me and saw him closing his eyes. I kissed his soft rose lips. I felt the shiver in his body. He responded with tongue out on my lips. I cupped his tongue with my lips and probed my tongue inside his mouth. I brushed his nipples and down there, I softly crushed his buttocks and pulled him close to me. He also hugged me close. I brushed my face on his chest and smelled his sweat from his armpits. He guided my face to his nipples. I cupped his breasts and sucked him like a women. He gasped and allowed me to do all. I felt his hand is searching for my penis. I let my lungi pull down, and exposed my erect member to him. He eagerly kissed my thighs and penis…and took my penis in his mouth and with great moan and gasping, he sucked me hard. I hold his head tightly to control myself. His fingers crushed my buttocks and his fingers hardly rubbed my asshole in buttocks cannel. I also pushed and pulled my hip back and forth like fucking his mouth. Because of his great work, in few minutes I shoot out a heavy load of cum inside his mouth. After a few seconds of relaxation, I sat with him in floor and cupped his penis. To my surprise, it was still in semi erect stage only. I pulled his lungi and found he is wearing panty. He understood my looks and hissed that he loves to wear women dresses only. I understood, and kissed him again. I pulled his panty down and I saw his hairless small limp penis. I cupped his entire penis and kissed there. I lay down on floor and took is penis inside my mouth and started to suck it softly. He started to gasp and moan. Meantime I moved my fingers to his asshole and to my surprise when I pushed my finger into it, it went inside very easily. I gave him double pleasure. After a few minutes of sucking I felt a kind of shivering sensation from his body and he shootout a small quantity of liquid from his penis. He was fully tired. We laid there in each other’s arms for few minutes. 


I asked him to come for a bath with me. He happily agreed. We went to bathroom. I wanted to go to toilet first. So I sat in western type toilet and I asked him to sit on my lap for sometime. He sat on my lap facing me so that our penises touch each other and we can hug closely. We started to kiss hardly once again. Meantime I started to pee and shit. My pee blasted between us and made him wet and flooded on us. We didn’t care about it. It was one of a long kiss in my life. Out tongues played a great game with our moans and at the end I really felt a little pain on my tongue. I cupped both our penis in my hand and started to shagg for few minutes.  He once again wanted to suck my penis. So, he kneeled in front of me facing me sitting in toilet seat and started to kiss my thighs and penis. He took the entire length of my penis in his mouth and started to suck in very slow relaxed manner.  He pulled my foreskin back so when ever his tongue touched my penis knot I really flied in sky. After my shit, I stood up. He washed my asshole with his hands using water. We went to shower then. We soaped each other happily. I turned him back and applied soap on his buttocks and back more. I hugged him from behind and brushed my penis on his back. I kissed his neck from behind, and cupped his breasts crushed them hardly. I pushed my penis in between his buttocks buns like fucking him. He also bends down and supported me to put it inside. With soap as a lubricant I tried to push my penis inside him. But because of tight hole, it was not succeeded. So sat behind him and inserted my finger into his asshole. I just finger fucked him with love. When I finger fuck I bit his buttocks buns softly. Then he wanted to return the same fun to me so in his turn he kissed my buttocks and inserted his two fingers inside my asshole using soap as lubricant. He also pushed his tongue inside my asshole and tongue fucked me. That was a very nice thing. I felt his tongue going inside deep into me. I bend fully to expose my buttocks to him and he utilized that time very much.  After bath we came to my bedroom again and I gave him my wife’s dresses and asked him to wear them. He accepted very happily and started to wear. He wears bra, panty, petticoat and sari. After that he looked like a real women. His short hair is the only difference. I have him sticker kum-kum and gave him some of the jewels from my wife’s box. He looked himself in full size mirror. I hugged him from behind once again and kissed him with passion. After few minutes, I became erect again. I asked him to keep the dresses as it is… but I hiked his sari from behind. That site was fantastic. I found his fantastic buttocks with my wife’s panty. I asked him to bend front so that I can access his buttocks clearly. I pulled the panty half and exposed his asshole. I found a brown hole with no hairs there. I also found that the hole is as big as my little finger’s size. I hugged him from behind and I brushed my penis on his buttocks. He understood my plan and started to kiss me and fondle my penis once again. After a good erection I put my penis on his asshole.  I asked him to lie on my bed in doggy position. I took coconut oil and applied it fully on his asshole. Then I arrange me properly and with a small pushup, with a small pain, my penis went inside his asshole this time. He loosed his asshole muscles like letting his shit out. That allowed me inside with small pain only.  I felt the hot nice sensation inside him. I felt the warm muscles warping my penis. I softly started to push and pull. He also adjusted his hip for my fucking. I caressed his boobs from behind and crushed them softly and I lie on his back. Our bodies started to sweat a lot. I fucked him softly for next few minutes and because it is my first time, I shoot out once again with great gasp and sweat. We laid there with gasps and just relaxed for few minutes. Then we took bath once again separately. Chinnu stayed with me on complete day and up to evening he gave me sucking sessions with proper time interval. I also fucked him two times on that day. In that night, I didn’t do anything with my wife. She hugged me and asked me why I am too tired. What can I say…? I smiled and slept well. From that day, chinnu become my favorite lover. 


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