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I was on my way to the airport to catch my flight to Miami. I thought to myself that my seat mate like a little in flight entertainment. I decided to wear my platinum blonde hair pulled back in a pony with some wispy bangs, dangly floral ear rings, light eye make up, but heavy on the lipstick (always heavy on the lipstick because that’s my signature when sucking cock, lipstick cock rings). My 42C tits tightly packaged in a shiny teal green satin crop top t-shirt with my nipples pressed through the flimsy material. My well tanned, firm, smooth belly exposed with my belly button jewelry dangling just above my black pleather short shorts. My cock neatly packed away in my g-string but not tucked, so when I would get a hard on the outline of my cock and balls would show in my shorts. My smooth long shapely legs rounds out the ensemble with a pair silver leather strappy calf length sandals with 4 inch heels. Both my nails on my hands and feet are finished in scarlet nail polish.


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Let me introduce myself. My name is Jenny. I used to be called James but that was over a year ago. I moved to Singapore to further my studies. I am small for a guy, only 5 foot 8 and not very well built. Still I feel almost average height in Singapore where everyone is the same height as me.


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Its Saturday night and I’m getting ready for some fun. I just finished my bath, which included some nice scented oils and a shave making my body totally smooth. Well except a cute little landing strip. I step from the tub and towel off, as I let it drop to the floor I take in the sight from the mirror. There I stand smooth as can be, erect nipples sticking out with the rings running through them. A dangling belly ring hangs below. I am very excited and that is evident in my little girl cock getting hard.

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Hi dear friends. This is Ravikumar, and I am happy to see all you friends once again in our site. This time I would like to share once experience with you all, which happened with a lady-boy before two years. Two years before I got transfer to Coimbatore from Chennai. I and my wife shifted our home to vadavalli. I got admission for my kids in one nearest school easily. For the first few days everything went fine, but one Sunday in bed after sex, my wife complained about her excessive of work in home. I suggested arranging one servant to help her in works. She accepted and with a reference to nearby Medical Shop, she arranged a male servant in next few days. He was around 20 years, but in my first look he looked like more young. That was not only because of his talking style but also because of his body type. He looked like a 13 year old girl, I mean his chest, his buttocks curves and his body curves.


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When Jasmine, a Thai ladyboy, moved into a small town in Iowa the locals didn’t know what had hit them. She was instantly the talk of the town; initially for being so different and exotic but once she opened her club her reputation spread right across the county and state line.


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At twenty one I had the chance to work a year in Thailand for my father’s company and jumped at the chance. I was picked up at the airport by one of the employees and driven to my apartment where I would live. He tried to explain how life was in the city and he finally just said that I figure it out in time. He left after telling me how to get to the office which was just down the street and that I should take at least two days off to get adjusted to the time difference. I unpacked my bags and put things away and decided to go out a get something to eat. I entered a small bar that advertised classic Thai food and ordered a beer while I read the menu. The waitress was a beautiful girl and seemed to understand and speak English very well. As it turns out she had gone to school in England as a young girl and explained that she was now twenty one and attending a public university in town.